The variety you need, perfectly printed.


Whether it’s presentations, concepts or reports: not just the contents are important, but also the way that you present them. The quality of your documents says a lot about the quality of the work one by your company. 

The problem: Documents may have numerous sections with a variety of formats. Often it is also necessary to use various materials and media to present them well. This can be a real problem because in most companies the document management systems are not equipped to handle this. The result: documents are printed on different devices or in a series of steps on one device and then sorted by hand – costing time and money. Is there an alternative?


The solution for perfect document printouts: e-BRIDGE Job Build.

e-BRIDGE Job Build is an innovative software application which enables you to use various media in one print job. In only one step you can use your e-STUDIO MFPs to make as many sets as you need, even if your documents are a mixture of varying formats.




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