e-STUDIO2010AC / 2510AC




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  • - Affordable, high-resolution colour
  • - Up to 600 dpi x 1,200 dpi
  • - LED Printing Head - Provides outstanding image quality and uses less energy than laser
  • - High-volume black & white
  • - Advanced e-BRIDGE Next technology
  • - Fast dual-core processor
  • - 256 gradations for smooth transitions in photographs and illustrations
  • - Auto-calibration ensures consistency of colour across small and large print jobs
  • - Cerner Certified

The Toshiba e-BRIDGE Colour Profile Tool allows for the creation of profiles to adjust colour for varying media types, lighting or even to match Pantone colours, unique spot colours or output from another device.


Copying Process Indirect electrostatic photographic method
Print & Copy Speed 20/25cpm
Warm-up Time Approx. 21 seconds
Paper size / weights Drawers: A3 -A5R/ 60 - 163 gsm
Stack Feed Bypass: A3 - 100 x 148 mm / 60 - 209 gsm
ADU: A5R / 60 - 163 gsm
PFU (Opt. MY-1047): A3 - A5R / 60 - 163 gsm
PFP (Opt. KD-1058): A3 - A5R / 60 - 163 gsm
LCF (Opt. KD-1059LT): A4 - 64 - 105 gsm
Optional Envelope Cassette: A4R,B5R,A5R/ 60 - 256 gsm
100 X 162 mm - 240 X 380 mm / 60 - 85 gsm (envelops)
Paper Capacity (STD) Drawer x 1 : 250 sheets x 1
Stack Feed Bypass: 100 sheets
Paper Capacity (Option) Optional PFU: 550 sheets
Optional PFP: 550 sheets
Optional drawer for PFP: 550 sheets
Optional LCF (Pedestal type): 2000 sheets
Optional envelope cassette: 550 sheets (only A4-R), 50mm (Envelope)
Default setting of Std. Drawers A4
Max. Paper Capacity 2,900 sheets (w/Optional LCF)
Processor Intel E3825 1.33GHz(Dual Core)
Memory 2 GB (Main memory + Page memory)
HDD 320 GB Toshiba Secure HDD
Dimensions W575 x D585 x H662 (mm)
*Height at original glass (W/ ADU and SFB ; Std.)
Weight Approx. less than 57 kg *Including drum
Power Consumption Max. 2.0kW (220 - 240V)
Super sleep: 0.7W
Printing (B&W) 600 dpi x 600 dpi, 5bit
600 dpi x 1200 dpi, 1bit (PS)
Printing (Full Colour) 600 dpi x 600 dpi, 5bit
600 dpi x 1,200 dpi, 1bit (PS driver)
Page Description Language PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL6 (PCL XL), PS3, PDF, XPS, JPEG
Supported OS (Windows) Windows Vista SP2 (32 bit)(64 bit)
Windows 7 SP1 (32bit)(64bit)
Windows 8/8.1 (32 bit)(64 bit)
Windows 10 (32 bit)(64 bit)
Windows Server 2008 SP2 (32 bit)(64 bit)
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64 bit)
Windows Server 2012/R2 (64 bit)
Windows Server 2016 (64 bit)
Supported OS (Macintosh) Max OS X 10.4.11, 10.5.7, 10.7.4, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13
Supported OS (Unix Filter) Solaris ( SUN ) V10, 11, HP-UX Ver 11.iv3, AIX ( IBM ) 7.x
Supported OS (Linux) Yes (Redhat Enterprise 5.x,6.x,7.x)
Fedora Ver 21,22
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server Ver.11,12
Open SuSE Ver.13.1,13.2
Ubuntu 14.04LTS,15.04
Debian 7.8, 8
Interface 10/100/1000baseT (Std.), USB 2.0 High Speed, Host x 4(Front : Outside x1, Internal x 3(Opt))
Scanning Resolution (A4) B/W 1 bit mono
Grayscale (8bit mono)
Colour ( or ACS) Colour depth: RGB 8bit Colour (24bit)
Scanning Speed (RADF) (A4) 600 dpi x 600 dpi : 50 page/min
400 dpi x 400 dpi : 62 page/min
300 dpi x 300 dpi : 73 page/min
200 dpi x 200 dpi : 73 page/min
150 dpi x 150 dpi : 73 page/min
100 dpi x 100 dpi : 73 page/min
Image mode B&W : (Text, Text/Photo, Photo)
Grayscale : (No mode selection)
Colour / ACS : (Text, Photo, Printed)
File Formats B&W : TIFF-Multi/Single page, PDF-Multi/Single-Page, XPS-Multi/Single Page, DOCX(Opt.), XLSX(Opt.), PPTX(Opt.), Searchable PDF(Opt.)
Colour/Grayscale : TIFF-Multi/Single page, PDF-Multi/Single Page, XPS-Multi/Single Page, JPEG, Slim PDF, DOCX(Opt.), XLSX(Opt.), PPTX(Opt.), Searchable PDF(Opt.)
ACS : TIFF-Single page, PDF-Multi/Single page, XPS-Multi/Single Page, DOCX(Opt.), XLSX(Opt.), PPTX(Opt.), Searchable PDF(Opt.)
Scan Agent Scan to File, Scan to E-mail, Scan to e-Filing, Scan to WS Scan, Scan to USB
Max. Original Size A3
Printing (B&W) 600 dpi x 600 dpi, 5bit
2400 dpi x 600 dpi (with smoothing)
Printing (Full Colour) 600 dpi x 600 dpi, 5bit
PMultiple Copy Qty 1 to 999
First Copy Time (B&W) Less than 7.1 seconds
First Copy Time (Full Colour) Less than 9.5 seconds
Zoom Range (Original on glass) 25% to 400% (1% Increment)(Original on glass) 25% to 400% (1% Increment)
(Original on RADF) 25% to 200% (1% Increment)
Copy Mode Black Mode - Text/Photo, Text, Photo, Image smoothing
Full Colour Mode - Text/Photo, Text, Photo, Printed Image, Map
Twin Colour Mode - Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image
Mono Colour Mode - (applicable to 10 colours) -Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image
Auto Colour Selection (ACS) Mode - Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image
Gradation 256steps
Compatibility Super G3, G3
Data Compression Method JBIG, MMR, MR, MH
Modem Speed 33.6kbps --2.4Kbps (automatic fallback)
Transmission Speedy Approx. 3 seconds
Broadcast Transmission Max. 200 Groups 400 Destinations
RADF MR-3031
ADU Std.
Bypass Tray – MJ-1037 Std.
PFU MY-1047
PFP KD-1058
Drawer Module for PFP MY-1048
Envelope cassette Option MY-1049
LCF KD-1059 A4
Desk (TSE) MH-5000
Job Separator MJ-5014
Inner Finisher MJ-1042
Saddle Stich Finisher MJ-1110
Bridge kit (for finishing option) KN-5005
Hole Punch Unit for Inner Finisher MJ-6011N (2 or 3 holes /70mm or 108mm pitch)
MJ-6011E (2 holes (80mm pitch)
MJ-6011F (4 holes / 80mm pitch)
Hole Punch Unit for console Finisher MJ-6105N (2 or 3 holes /70mm or 108mm pitch)
MJ-6105E (2 holes (80mm pitch)
MJ-6105F (4 holes / 80mm pitch)
Staple cartridge for Finisher STAPLE-2400
Staple cartridge for saddle STAPLE-3100
Work Tray KK-5005
Manual Pocket (New) KK-5008
Accessible Arm KK-2560
Accessory Tray GR-1250
Panel Ten Key Option GR-1260

System Options / Accessories

Fax Unit / 2nd Line GD-1370 New
Wireless LAN /Bluetooth Module GN-4020 New
USB Hub option GR-1270 New
Card Reader Holder GR-1290 New
Hardcopy Security Kit GP-1190A
Harness kit for card controller GQ-1270
Harness kit for coin controller GQ-1280

Enabler Options


Data Overwrite enabler GP-1070
Meta scan enabler GS-1010
IPSec enabler GP-1080
Unicode Font enabler GS-1007
Embedded OCR enabler GS-1080 (for 1 License) / GS-1085 (for 5 Licenses)
Multi station print enabler GS-1090 (for 1 License) / GS-1095 (for 5 Licenses)



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